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     Michael B. Lyons, MD, FAACS
Board Certified Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon

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We welcome you to our practice: You have alll you need to be successful.  So Listen to your heart and do not follow the herd.  Remember to live from your strength, not your fears.  These wise word are so profound to me that I reflected on how patients new to the practice must feel the first time they come to see us.  People can be fearful of meeting new people, how they will be treated, will the Dr. and staff listen to their concerns, how much the procedure will cost, will it hurt, and will it work for me, etc. I encourage you to not let your fear overcome you but let your desire for enhancement excite you.  I am grateful to report that we have a dedicated staff that is truly caring, encouraging and supportive.  We listen to your concerns, make recommendations and walk you through the process.  Your consultation is all about YOU! How we can support you with knowledge about procedures, the cost, the process and intended reults.  Call our Patient Coordinator (251) 344-0044 for a complimentary telephone consultation today.  Please keep in mind that when you look your best, you often feel your best, so enjoy Life's journey!
For a limited time we are offering buy 3 BELLAFILL syringes and receive 1 complimentary.  This special is offered by the company and may end at any time.  Don't miss this special on a 5 year filler.  
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Having just returned from Suneva's Summit for Success in Dallas, my staff and I were impressed by the company's presentations of their three year old product called Bellafill.  The advanced training we received will benefit our patients by reversing some of the structural volume loss seen in the Aging Face. I personally underwent some injections of the filler (Bellafill) over 1.5 years ago.  I have to share with you that I not only saw structural lifting and revolumization in my cheeks, tear trough, and parentheses lines; but I also witnessed first hand the improvement of my facial skin.  Bellafill works initially as a filler with 3 components: lidocaine, bovine collagen, and pmma.  These products have been used in medicine for over 30 years and are safe and effective.  The exciting part of this filler's story is that it lasts over 5 years in patient studies while gaining FDA approval.  It accomplishes this by becoming a bio-stimulator of your own collagen.  First the product is injected into the body followed by a gradual (6 month) absorption of the Bovine collagen.  The body then becomes stimulated to produce its own collagen with the presence of pmma microspheres.  Bellafill improved my facial skin tone, texture, and increased the volume in my mid face.  this filler is best inserted into the deep skin layers with the use of an atraumatic micro-cannula to reduce bruising even further. 

  The properties of Bellafill allow it to lift the cheeks, fill the temples, and reduce the jowls for over 5 years.  Bellafill can also be used to lift the brows, the nose, and the parentheses lines.  When Bellafill is injected under the nose it helps lift the nose, but it also helps to shorten the appearance of the upper lip.  It has changed the lives of patients that have acne scars, revolumizing their depressed scars as well as smoothing out their skin.  Other options for the filler include enhancing the jawline, improving the angle of the mandbile, augmenting chin projecion, and flattening the glabellar furrrows.   Some physicians have used it successfully in the hands, knees, elbows, and the decollete'( chest).

  I personally like how it looks, soft, natural and more youthful in my face.  Pat, my Office manager, has experienced the same and tells me "I want more."  As we all age, it is important to replace the lost volume and this is an easy way without any downtime.

  Please call Pat at the office (251) 344-0044 to see if you would be a candidate to benefit from a non-surgical treatment to reverse the sinking and sagging of the aging face.  We are offering great specials for a limited time.  Call for details.
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Shelly Rickhold, LPN
Dr. Michael B. Lyons 
Pat Altivallo, Suneva V.P.
Pat Covington, Office Mgr. &
         Patient Coordinator